2024 Glamping Hygge Hill Reservation Guide

Starting from 2024, Glamping Hygge Hill's online reservation system will be available to assist travellers in completing reservations. At the same time, the official LINE account will continue to operate to provide you with a more convenient reservation experience. We look forward to welcoming you at Glamping Hygge Hill.


Winter Gathering【12/22~1/1 Reservation Now Open】

Immersing in the elegant yet quiet dreams, with the dance of light and fire, Glamping Hygge Hill would like to welcome you to the wonderful holiday season of 2023. Walking up to the lawn, passing through the light and shadow, you will find fragrant mulled wine, bustling and colourful decorations, magnificent handcrafted activities waiting to greet you. Here, not only can you enjoy the holiday atmosphere of a luxury camping dome tent, but also spend an unforgettable Christmas time with your loved ones in the dance of light and fire.


The Refreshing Autumn【9/1~11/30 Reservation Now Open】

With the refreshing autumn season slowly approaching: Bald cypress, Taiwan flame gold tree, ginkgo, and Cajuput tree begin to show their most beautiful forms. Throughout the most ideal season for glamping, Glamping Hygge Hill invites you to come up to the mountain and wander among the woods.


Summer Beer Fest【7/1~8/31 Reservation Now Open】

Summer in Taiwan is always hot, but the average temperature at Glamping Hygge Hill in Zhuolan, Miaoli is "2 degrees lower" than that in the city! During the summer period, from July to August 2023, Glamping Hygge Hill will hold an unique "Summer Beer Fest", inviting you to enjoy refreshing drinks in this beautiful summer, blending in with laid-back atmosphere of Nordic Hygge culture.


Immerse in the forest【5/1~6/30 Reservation Now Open】

Abler, Lupine Flower, Great White Papilio, Taiwan Swallowtail, and Blue-banded Swallowtail....May-June 2023 will be full of vitality, with just the right temperature, perfect for getting close to nature and enjoy glamping in the forest.


A holiday accompanied by golden pine trees【11/1~12/20 Reservation Now Open】

When it comes to autumn in Taiwan, it is perhaps the most suitable season for outdoor activities. With dry air, wonderful temperatures, green or red, nature starts to put on a golden face.


Glamping Hygge Hill 【9/1~10/31 Reservation Now Open】

Exploring nature in the most comfortable way, experience the first glamping venue in Taiwan planned with Japan's largest glamping planning company "Glamping Japan Taiwan".

「Glamping Hygge Hill」 reservation is now officially open!

Reservation dates: September 1st to October 31st, 2022


Glamping Hygge Hill【Entire Tent Area Plan】

Also want to have fun with children? Birthday party with friends? Company trip? Glamping Hygge Hill also provides an entire tent area plan!


Personalized events, entire venue reservation, company trip and other related services

Glamping Hygge Hill can accommodate up to 32 guests for a luxury glamping experience, suitable for brand event, press conference, employee trip, company spring party, year-end reception, incentive travel and other private events.

More content coming soon!

Meet us in the mountains and enjoy a luxury glamping experience

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